Rio Brown Luxury Reclining Executive High Back Office Desk Chair Faux Leather Swivel : Comfortable chair

Great chair & even better customer service from ‘soniconline’. Initially i was very disappointed with ‘soniconline’ as i was sent the wrong chair, the chair i received wasn’t the recline version just a standard office chair version. Because of my medical condition the wife & myself didn’t notice until we had built the chair that is was the wrong one, with no room in our flat & the hassle of both of us then trying to take the chair apart again to send back wasn’t an option we had i’m afraid & so we couldn’t send the wrong chair back. I wrote a fairly negative comment to ‘soniconline’ explaining how disappointed we were & the struggle we have with certain things because of my cancer condition. After i wrote that negative comment within 90 mins of me posting it sonic rang me up & i was absolutely stunned at how well they dealt with this matter, all the thanks go to ‘lisset’ from soniconline who listened to what i had to say & explain my condition & the trouble we have sometimes. Lisset made sure a correct recliner chair would be dispatched as soon as possible. Later that day i received an e-mail to say the chair had dispatched & i received the next day (thursday 09/07/2015). That in my book is outstanding customer service at it’s very best, we couldn’t return wrong item but soniconline still sent me out the correct chair & i am now as we speak sat in it & reclining to my hearts content, it’s actually a very nice chair, very comfortable, not too difficult to put together at all, in fact i was surprised at how easy it was to construct e. . Great product for the money a real bargain i’d say & it works a treat, no problems with it at all & too top that off, a fantastic response from ‘soniconline’, because of how ‘soniconline’ dealt with this matter i am more than happy to go shopping with them again for sure in the future :-).

Perfect, comfertable chair for gaming.

Reclining mechanism is moody now over all i am happy with it if i dont find a better one. Still going even though it got slightly tilted permenantly to one side and the reclining mechanism is moody now over all i am happy with it if i dont find a better one i might buy another when this goes kaput. Here are the specifications for the Rio Brown Luxury Reclining Executive High Back Office Desk Chair Faux Leather Swivel:

  • Sumptuous faux leather, double padding, recline function, makes this chair a special place to sit, work and relax.
  • The lower back is often neglected when working prolonged hours, this chair has the lower back in mind and has added padding for lumber support.
  • Padded Armrest will not only be comfortable but will also keep those elbows from getting sore.
  • This chair also has 360o Swivel, Recline, and Tilt and lock mechanism. So you can find a position that is most comfortable and lock it in place.
  • These chairs have proved to be very popular in the domestic market, and in offices. All our products are fully fire retardant and meet or exceed UK safety regulations.

It’s not easy to get such a purchase right online. And it’s far too much hassle to send back if not right. Superficially this chair isn’t bad for leaning back in, watching tv in and even nodding off in. But the adjustments don’t allow the back to be upright enough for me when working at the desk (what is that button on the seat for?. Doesn’t seem to do anything). The lower back support is ok but i still need a thin cushion to get enough support when working. The armrests are a bit high to be comfortable for me – the right one gets in the way of my mouse arm unless i lean forward. My chair has a slight lean to the left which doesn’t help – a small issue if i sit slightly to the right.

Great product, would reccomend it 100%. The chair arrived just after 2 days of ordering. It comes in a big box with each part seperated obviously. The assembly of all the parts took me about 20 minutes to complete, i did have my flat mate for helping hands but one person can do it as well with no hard work, it already comes with the l keys so you dont really have to have any screwdriver and need to search for anything etc. The instructions on the manual could of been improved but it was still understandable. The chair itself is extremely comfortable, the height is totally adjustable. I did buy this for my computer desk (i am a graphic desginer so i do sit for my computer work for hours in row) but my mighty god, it is so amazing that i even play the ps3 on it. My flat mate loves it too, said you can fall asleep on it and will never want to wake up. Lolin a nutshell, i would suggest this chair to anyone who is looking for a comfortable chair to support their back who works on their computers or desks for longer periods.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A very comfortable executive chair
  • A reasonably good quality chair for the price
  • It was very comfortable to start with and it still is

Essentially a half price chair. This is a properly comfy chair and while i feel it is a little lacking in quality (there’s some movement in the main support spindle for example and i have to periodically tighten the allen keys for the arm rests) but i cant stress just how comfy this chair is. Sitting back in the chair feels very luxurious and it’s swing and adjustable back mean you can almost fall asleep in it. And the padded arm rests are an absolute delight after having had rough plastic ones on my previous chair. I cant see any reason not to buy this so long as you can put up with some very minor shortcomings in quality.

It’s a great chair overall it’s very comfy the only downside is. I have to say i was surprised how fast they delivered to me, i received my chair a day before the estimated date, it’s a great chair overall it’s very comfy the only downside is, it wobbles a little bit while sitting on it other than that i would recommend this chair to anyone.