Office Desk Chair “Deluxe” : Super comfy chair, perfect for gamers!

But still very comfy and great elevation. Recommended for gamers highly. Had it for about 6 months nearly, no problems yet. Developed a slight squeek but no sign of loose bolts or problems. Arms are very comfy, take a bit of getting used to, but still very comfy and great elevation. Recommended for gamers highly.

This chair, once built is very sturdy and a nice addition to my sons room. Unfortunately i was unable to build this with him on christmas day due to the supplied washers being the wrong size. At first i thought this was my error but after trying all the screws with the erroneous washer it revealed i was not mistake pen after all. I ended up at b&q on boxing day to purchase the correctly sized washer. The chair it is now built and my son is very happy, after quite a disappointing christmas day.

Great quality chair, easy to assemble even without instructions, may be a bit difficult for someone who has no prior experience putting chairs together. Had it for maybe a month or so, it’ started to squeek a bit etc but it’s not a huge issue, comfortable and adjustable. Here are the specifications for the Office Desk Chair “Deluxe”:

  • This office chair convinces with a modern look and sporty design.
  • The seat- and backrest with extra thick padding ensure superior comfort even after sitting over a long period of time.
  • Rocking function with hardness grade setting, reclining (tilt and lock) function, durable – tear and wear resistant and easy to clean PU Leather
  • Dimensions: 67,5cm x 61cm x121 cm

This chair is absolutely fantastic, definitely worth the price. The chair is easy to make but it would be easier if you have help. It is very comfortable and looks great. The middle of the chair is a mesh styled fabric and the rest is a nice quality leather (i don’t think it is real leather). I will definitely get another when this one has been worn out.

Super comfy chair, perfect for gamers. The chair insanely comfortable and really helps with a bad posture. Assembly:the instructions were extremely minimalistic and as a result very hard to understand, although all the directions where clear the key that showed what each screw and washer where was pretty much useless, i ended up using the wrong washers and having to disassemble it to fix my mistake but after a bit of head scratching i delivered the key and managed to get it put together, another struggle was the arms of the chair as they where extremely stiff and require you to bend them slightly to fit them into place, all in all it took me around 40 minutes to go from parts in a box to a sight to behold. Quality:it has a very sturdy feel to it but at the same time allows for a bit of give when moving around so not to feel like you’re sitting on a padded wooden stool, the stitching seems strong although there are a few loose threads in random places but nothing that affects the chair in any way. The armrests did have scuffs on them out of the box but only really visible in the right light so not something you would see all the time and likely the chance of getting this would vary from order to order. All in all it feels like a chair that will last a long time and won’t just fall apart after the first week. How comfortable is it?i’m 6’2 and weigh 16 6 stone 4 pounds (228 pounds), as a gamer and youtuber i spend a lot of time at the computer so comfort is a massively important thing for me, i have been heavily using this chair for a few days now including a 24 hour livestream and never have i felt so comfortable sitting in one location for so long, i hardly had to squirm around and didn’t have my bum go numb at all which is wonderful as my old chair would course that after only a couple of hours, so i would say this chair is perfect. The back rest for a man my height goes to the base of my head so the headrest is a little low and more like a neck rest but if you where to hang you head back it would rest on the top of the head rest. Delivery:the chair was marked as dispatched on the 4th and was received on the 11th, although this is slow it was coming all the way from germany to the uk and was using standard delivery so it was expected that it would take some time but was within the estimated delivery time so can’t complain.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Disappointed with quality of chair.
  • Excellent quality!
  • Very comfy, lovey looking.

I bought this chair because i spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Easy to assemble, sturdy and comfortable. I am quite tall and it suits me perfectly. My girlfriend (who is much shorter than me) works from home quite often and loves it as well. The only thing that could make it better is a more ‘leanable’ back.

The chair was delivered today, seems decent quality, light and easy to move around. But as for extra padding, the seat doesn’t have much and is rather hard so gets a bit uncomfortable after a while. Reminds me of a merc i once had, very uncomfortable on long trips. For this price though it is a winner. I will update this review once the chair has had a chance to prove itself.