Varier Variable Balans Chair : The Original outstanding chair

Here is my impartial review. From a long term back sufferer. I received the varier balans chair on 14. 16 after being a long term chronic back sufferer and will be updating this review over time and will adjust the rating based on my own personal experiences of the chair. About mei am 5′ 11′ with a 31cm inside leg and weigh 208lbsi am a long term back sufferer and in september had my 3rd back operation. I am still off work and unable to sit for any period of time using a standard seat for horrible lower back and leg pain. Initial thoughtsthe chair is very basic, light and extremely easy to assemble. My first reaction sitting was that the seat heat was further away from the knee rests than i imagined. This leads me to believe anyone around 6ft doesnt need to worry about being too tall.

A must for everybody that has any sort of back trouble. Its flexible but in a sturdy way so you can turn around, stretch over and bend and the chair seems to go with you.

I had a normal office chair and my back was always killing me. Here are the specifications for the Varier Variable Balans Chair:

  • Follows the natural body movement
  • Promotes natural, upright posture
  • Prevents tension in neck and shoulders
  • Strengthens core and abdominal muscles
  • Enhances deep breathing

The original outstanding chair. This is the classic balans chair which i have recommended to pupils and family since i got my first one in the ’80’s i believe. I was without one at my desk for a few months, and noticed the difference. Had to have exactly the same. And cheap imitations do not do the trick.

Original stokke kneeling chair – this goes together easily . Don’t be put off by the one star who ignored v simple instructions. Well made original ‘stokke’ varier kneeling chair. Incredibly easy to assemble following the excellent simple instructions and keeping the ‘front’ label on the centre bracket toward the front of the chair, not like the one star reviewer who put the ‘front’ toward the back and then complains about misalignment. Note the quality control is good, you even receive the supplier checklist where their quality controller has checked everything you need is present including the tools. I have worked on a stokke thatsit chair for many years, it’s excellent for my back which has a very worn l5s1 vertebra. This original variant is the lower end of the stokke varier range but is just as comfortable and costs a lot less money .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Here is my impartial review. From a long term back sufferer
  • Meets the main objective but it is far from perfect.
  • got this for work because I suffer with a bad lower back

Easily assembled to provide a robust and serviceable chair for. Superb value for money compared with the full retail price. Easily assembled to provide a robust and serviceable chair for those who are deskbound but long for a degree of freedom.

Good quality, very comfortable. Good quality, very comfortable, nice clolor.