Office Fitness Ball Chair Adjustable Backrest Model : Good office chair for extended sitting time

Good for people with coccyx and lower back pain. This chair is surprisingly comfortable, and has alleviated a great deal of my lower back pain and coccyx pain. It is easy to assemble, and reasonably sturdy. I’ve had a couple of physios recommend sitting on a swiss ball instead of an office chair, but didn’t find this a very practical option because a) my back still seemed to have a tendency to slump, even while sitting on the ball and b) the only way to move the ball is to roll it – in which case you have to stop sitting on it, or you’ll roll off. With an office chair, you really want to just be able to push it whereever you want it to be. This design, having a back rest and casters, avoids those two problems, and i find it much better than a normal chair for sitting ini’m giving it four stars rather than 5 because:- the only way to adjust the seat height is to inflate the ball to a greater or lesser extent. I seem to be lucky in that the combined seat-ball height seems to be perfect for my desk / arm / leg length anyway, but i can see that if i were a different height (specifically, i am 5’2′), this might be a problem. – the back rest is extremely difficult to adjust – very tight, and wants to spring back into place with great force. I needed my husband to hold it in place while i locked it, and even then we struggled. So, i really doubt that anyone could adjust the back rest while actually sitting on the chair.

I don’t have one of these chairs, i find sitting on a gym ball is just fine – i keep it a bit soft to get the right height and slightly more comfort and stability and periodically lift my feet and balance for the good of my core muscles. I can see the castors would be useful but wouldn’t a back rest take away the whole point of having the ball?.

I enjoy everything about this chair. I found it in the midst of a 5-week period of acute back pain. Someone recommended a swiss ball to sit on as sitting was impossible with my problem being in the sacrum. Sitting on the swiss ball changed my world and enabled me to carry on with my job. The only thing was its not the most practical of seats when trying to move around a busy office. I couldn’t believe it when i came accross this on amazon. I’m on it everyday at work, the back support is great – i have mine right forward. It gets a lot of comments, people are so amused. I pumped too much air into it at first so it was too hard to sit on, after releasing some air though i couldn’t be happier. Here are the specifications for the Office Fitness Ball Chair Adjustable Backrest Model:

  • The GENUINE OFFICE FITNESS Ball Chair comes with DVD, Exercise booklet and FREE BALL COSY.
  • High-quality, anti-burst balance ball. Vari-inflatable for optimum seat height/comfort
  • Secure base with easy-glide lockable casters
  • Designed for users between 5’1″-6’5″ (height adjusters available separately for over 6′)
  • Adjustable ergonomic lumbar support

Easy to put together, very comfortable does help with sitting straight with lower back although have to be aware of shoulders not slumping when working very long hours,not the most attractive looking chair but wouldn’t want to do my sewing work without it.

This chair is very helpful for good sitting position. I have chronic back pain ,this chair is very helpful for good sitting position.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • this chair is very helpful for good sitting position
  • Not just any office chair
  • Good for people with coccyx and lower back pain!

Ive put love it as the concept is great. The product is well made and it is certainly a discussion piece. I was bought it for work as i suffer back aches and shoulder pains, hip pains etc. I found that it hurts the last bone of my spine (not sure how to spell it) you can sit on it for about an hour but then if you are a bad back sufferer i feel you need to get off it and on to a normal office chair. It was leant to a pregnant girl in the office and she loved it. A fitness fan used it but again was on and off it like i was. I have it with me again but i am still having many problems, but that could be down to me not the chair. The first time you sit on it it is comfortable for a while. The back sits on your lower back which is snug.

Firstly i should say that i never bother writing customer reviews and it is only because i was so delighted with this product that i have done so on this occasion. Suffering from lower back / lumbar pain, i spent ages looking online for a new chair and at one stage was even considering spending £800 on a herman miller chair. But then by complete coincidence i saw an exercise ball chair on tv and started looking at those and decided to order one. It arrived quickly, easy to assemble (by my boyfriend) and i will never buy a normal office chair again. The ‘seat’ is comfy and the back support is perfect for anyone suffering from a bad back or who has to sit for long periods at a desk. This is the only chair i have owned that has made me sit up correctly without either a) eventually slumping forwards after a little while or b) feeling like i’m sitting bolt upright as stiff as a poker. Fab value for money, great design – don’t hesitate to get one. Only tiny moan is that the bolts designed to go underneath the chair to fasten on the bar at the front would not screw on – we left them off and it doesn’t seem to be affecting the chair’s performance in any way. I’m sure the company would have replaced the chair if i had asked them to but i didn’t want to part with it.