Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair : An excellent ergonomic chair – first class!

Excellent – very comfortable, even for long periods.

After years sat on rubbish chairs, i’m really not sure why i didn’t get one of these sooner.

The lumber support is the weak point of the char that is rather disappointing. It tends to split and break apart. Contacted customer support and another was sent as soon as a spare was available, but can see that it will happen again. Here are the specifications for the Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair:

  • 2-stage pneumatic tilt with tilt limiter and forward tilt
  • Height adjustable with pivoting armrests
  • Soft Vinyl armpads
  • Size B (medium)
  • Lumbar support
  • Graphite frame and base
  • Carpet castors
  • Classic Carbon with a 10 year warranty

After years sat on rubbish chairs, i’m really not sure why i didn’t get one of these sooner.

Herman miller aeron – refurbished. Having a bad back, i needed a better computer chair and searched high and low before i was told about herman miller chairs. They looked to be exactly what i needed, but i was a bit put off by the high price for a new top-of-the-range aeron. On amazon’s pages i found one offered as ‘refurbished’ by a london-based company called ‘used office furniture’ and decided to contact the seller directly to try one out. I made an appointment at the shop in london road and, on arrival, found that he had put two chairs out for my inspection and testing. He took me through all the complex settings for the chair, but i needed little encouragement to buy – the comfort was amazing and the condition of the chairs on offer was hard to distinguish from new. I agreed the price and discovered that he was prepared to deliver by van within 48 hours at no charge. I returned home to complete the purchase via amazon and had an immediate response confirming the deal from the seller. True to his word, the chair arrived fully assembled at my home and is now making my time on the computer a pleasure – so much so that i have virtually abandoned the use of an armchair or sofa for relaxation or watching television. I’d rather sit in my aeron chair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wouldn’t be without this now
  • An excellent ergonomic chair – first class!
  • Worth the Investment

Every time i sit down it feels like it’s hugging me like a long lost friend.

I am not sure i would have ordered such an expensive chair without the strong recommendation of a family member who already has one. It has been an ideal present for my husband who is now on his 3rd unpublished novel in his study. He seems able to sit at his computer for hours comfortably writing. It took a long time coming but it was delivered by the team who make them and he was set up in it and the shape altered for his individual needs. He is tall and previously had back pain. Brilliant chair and the novel is very funny too.