noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair : for a while now and got to say I love it, Before I slouched in my chair at

I bought one of these from overclockers andthey are perfect. If you are ove 6ft then avoid vertagear chairs at all costs and get one of these they are fantastic.

I decided to get this as my next chair after my brother got one of these chairs and i thought it felt of very good quality and was very comfortable to sit in. After receiving the chair and using it for about 2 months it definitely lived up to my expectation and past experience. The neck pillow is soft and nice to rest on. The chair is very adjustable in so many ways. The instructions provided in the box are clear and simple but i had difficulty building the chair due to the two metal parts on the base being too narrow for the bottom of the back of the chair to slide between them. But after loosening each of the metal parts on the base i was able to get the back in place and tighten everything. Other than that problem, the chair wasn’t too hard/tedious to build but a hex key screwdriver would have made the experience a fair bit easier. Overall i am very happy with the chair and glad to have bought it.

Nice and firm but very comfortable chair. Always use to slouch in my old mesh chair which had no lumbar or neck support which caused my lower back to give in and now i have an acute pain in my lower back. Lumbar support is very comfy and really helps my back; provides the perfect support for your lumbar and is height adjustable. Neck support pillow is also very comfy and provides a great head rest, i sometimes remove it for a bit as i can feel like my head is being pushed forward which makes it feel as if i’ve not got the correct posture due to not having shoulders pressed against the rear of the chair (i believe it’s the same situation with all these gaming chairs). Really nice chair, has a lovely finish to it (also easy to clean) and does wonders for back pain. A few minor points, arm rests aren’t exactly even, one is slightly higher/lower than the other. After a few months of use, a creaking noise comes from the bottom of the chair which appears to be in the mechanical housing when leaning backwards or forwards (moving your weight from the front of the chair to the back), this could potentially be a slightly lose screw where it’s threads are scrapping off the metal contact and i just need to tighten it. I wish the chair could go slightly lower down as my feet don’t sit flat on the ground with my back up against the back of the chair (i’m about 5’8”), so would recommend a footrest (i use my speakers subwoofer) if you’re similar height to me to prevent strain on your hips and legs. Overall, great chair that works perfectly for hours of sitting and entertainment. Here are the specifications for the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair:

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  • Extra soft and thick vegan friendly PU leather, with 55% density freshly moulded cold foam for optimal breathability & comfort.
  • Reclinable to 135 degrees, with arm rests adjustable in 4 dimensions for flexible adjustment options.
  • 180kg maximum user weight with a 2 year UK warranty for peace of mind.
  • 60mm PU castors for soft & hard floors, with both neck and lumbar support cushions supplied.
  • Ergonomically & expertly designed with a solid steel frame, premium stitching and debossed logo.

Great on all aspects 5 star and more.

Comfortable for 8 hour shifts. . Does all that it says is does. Easy seating for 8 hours at a time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great comfy chair
  • for a while now and got to say I love it, Before I slouched in my chair at
  • Great chair. Really comfy

I purchased this chair as a birthday present for my son, he is over the moon with the high quality and comfort of it and spends a lot of his spare time gaming in it, well worth the money .

For a while now and got to say i love it, before i slouched in my chair at. Been using this chair for a while now and got to say i love it, before i slouched in my chair at my desk a lot but with this i sit up straighter, my lower back pain has lessened not to mention the chair over all is customisable all over. The provided cushions are great to help with posture and support and assembly is pretty much straight forwards. Only ‘bad’ thing i could say about it is when it came the arms were slightly misaligned (the arms where not symmetrical) but with some minor adjustments that was fixed. Overall, great product if something terrible were to happen to this one i’d get another asap.