hjh OFFICE : A true Racer now it has new wheels

It arrived on time and was easy to assemble. I purchased the chair just over 1 year ago. It arrived on time and was easy to assemble. Been enjoying it until a few weeks ago when the height just would not hold, the seat kept coming down, after a couple days of frustration i contacted the company and asked for help. They immediately sort it out by sending me a new gaslift free of charge and a link for instructions on how to fit it. :)i am very please with the chair and the customer service, and they deserve my extremely rare rating of 5*****.

After 5 years and its still feels good. Have to say, i’ve just read the reviews of this chair and unless the quality has gone recently i would recommend. Today, mid may 17 the gas cylinder has given up and i’ve made the slow drop to the floor, i checked to see when i purchased it and check it its under warranty only to find i actually purchased in 2012the fact that the chair has been used on a almost daily basis, shows limited signs of wear and the fact i thought it was only about a year old should stand testament to quality.

Well built, great design, fast delivery, simple construction, comfortable. All i expected from a german company and more. I have heard a few negative things about this chair, in previous reviews and would like to put a few of them straight. The castors are weight dependant, to prevent the chair moving unless a person is seated in it. So te comments about them being cheap and not working are incorrectthe chair not reclining far enough, what did you expect, horizontal, it reclines back at least 45 degrees, from vertical, that’s plentyit was incredibly easy to put together, took me less than 10 minutes. And no parts were missing or damaged, it was well packaged and in a1+ condition when i received it. Some have stated that theirs is already falling apart after only a short while. Well maybe they are try to force the castors to operate when they are not supposed to. Or they have exceeded it’s weight limit 100kg or a little over 220lbs. Here are the specifications for the hjh OFFICE:

  • Seat height adjustment with Toplift
  • Tilt mechanism, individually adjustable to the body weight
  • Thick seat and backrest upholstery, elaborately quilted
  • Stable curved armrests with upholstered cover

I bought this recently having read lots of reviews on lots of different chairs. In the end i plumped for this one. It was dispatched from germany by road, so it took about a week to get to me, but the tracking information the company provided was excellent and i knew where it was most of the time. Assembly was pretty simplistic, though the back is a bit tricky to get on without leaving the arms only loosely attached to the base. Once assembled it looked really nice. Though my partner cant stand ithowever, i’ve found that the base could use a bit more padding, because after an hour or so, i can start to feel the underside of the seat through the padding. It is certainly not luxurious and something you sink into. I also have an issue with the lumbar pad that pokes out from the back of the chair. I assume this is supposed to help, but for me, it has caused the nerves in the base of my spine (sciatic?) to get pinched after a while.

Great looking computer chair. Have had this product for a month. Bought for son in his bedroom and has added the wow factor. Comfortable to sit in, and as a teenager he is always on the pc or ps3, the chair also looks great. There is no head support but for the price this has worked out as a great buy. The base is nice and solid and the seat sits firmly on the top of the gas pole with no wobbling. Alloy arm rests add to the great look of the chair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • after 5 years and its still feels good
  • Gorgeous leather chair
  • Excellent but change the wheels!

Beautiful and extremely comfy chair. This chair was delivered in the uk by dpd and i got a tracking number from the sellers, who are easily contactable by email. The seller communicated well with me and i knew when my chair was dispatched and i could track it. The chair itself is gorgeous, very very comfortable and wide enough for me to sit on comfortably. The arm-rests are essential (not optional) as they hold the seat and back together. Very easy to assemble, done in 10 minutes, no extra tools required. Well packaged, and in excellent condition. Would recommend for people who love to sit for hours at their computer.

Great product, good value for money. The item arrived quickly and before its expected date, great service from seller. Build quality seems pretty solid , have been using this daily for a week or so, with no squeaks or groans. Assembly was pretty straight forward with the chair supplied in about six major components and a bag of screws. Screws and holes all lined up, though a couple needed to be pushed in to the limit before they caught the thread inside the chair. Very comfy to use with plenty of back support, i work at a computer for several hours a day and its offering plenty of supportother sellers have mentioned the castors are not fantastic, i tend to agree. They seem solid but are so stiff from new they dont rotate very well. Not an earth shattering problem and nothing a spot of wd40 didnt sort outlast minor point, the small silver plastic covers that go over the screw holes once built, are prone to chipping round the edges if they go in at the wrong angle. Its only a tiny cosmetic issue though. In general i would recommend this chair to anyone looking for a stylish item at a great price.

HJH Office : Decent chair – crappy wheels

Was happy with this chair, seems good quality, however the wheels on the legs are rank, ha ha, but when theres weight on the chair the wheels are fine, the covering seems quite good, in all was very happy with this purchase, i have had the chair for around 2 months now, looks as good as new, i will update this statement after a few months, this chair was very cheap for how it looks and feel.

I’ve now had this chair since 2015 and i must say, it’s excellent. Comfy, easy to use the arm rests and tilts back nicely.

I bought a chair from argos with no head rest and with no extended period comfort for £40. I can say that investing in a good chair will save you in the long run forcing you to buy a replacement. This chair is padded for comfort, looks slick, and has adjustable arm rests so that it can fit under your desk at a decent height. I am very happy with this purchase considering i bought a chair without trying it out, the only nice to have i would have liked was a reclining back rest but office chairs are expensive these days so you can’t expect much. Like the others have pointed out the wheels are a bit stiff but it’s not a massive issue for me.

I look and feel is very nice and chair is very comfortable as i sit in. I look and feel is very nice and chair is very comfortable as i sit in it for long times for gaming, my only problem is that the arm rests seem to be made of memory form and one of them has take the shape of my elbow and now it has a dent in it all the time even after not being used for many hours.

Something comfortable to sit on in office. Old office chair pretty basic compared to this one, family think it looks like a racing car seat. Its comfy only slight bugbear is the wheels on chair bit stiff but i’m sure will loosen up over time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Decent chair – crappy wheels
  • Effective, comfortable and beautiful chair
  • I look and feel is very nice and chair is very comfortable as I sit in

Excellent chair, incredible value for money and best customer service ever received. This chair has been excellent. Im very picky and put in a lot of time reading through various reviews and deciding which gaming/office chair i wanted (on a budget too). This one was adjustable and goes low enough to fit under my desk comfortably (ikea desk with a drawer) which not many others could. The arm rests can be raised or lowered which is perfect because it allows you to play guitar at the same chair instead of having to move around. This sounds minor but if you want to mess around with recording, editing, etc then its ideal. One of the main reasons i bought it. This is the first office chair that i have not automatically slouched in. I think my posture is quite poor normally but this thing helps me to sit up straight a lot more and after a few days of getting used to the chair, it doesnt feel stiff or unnatural. The base is strong and the wheels are smooth (havent cracked or snapped off like on many others which were far more expensive).

Well packaged, came fast, quite easy to assemble on your own. Comfortable, with decent support and tilt. The only negative for me is that the castors are stiff. A couple of assembly tips: make sure you attach the metal under seat base with the big twisty tilt knob under the front of the seat. And only half tighten the screws on the arms until you have both the seat base and back assembled to both arms. It will give you some ‘wiggle room’ and help you to align all the holes and screws easier.