Leather high back reclining office / desk chair : This chair is amazing!!

Great quality chair, so far so good.

Not durable or comfortable, good light massage & heated seats. . 3 stars for looks, massage & heating features. Cushioning on this chair is not that great. Less than four weeks old but already showing signs of foam loosing its shape. Another problem is the way they have designed the seat is not very comfortable. When you sit on it your thighs are higher than butt, which makes it a little bit uncomfortable for long working hours & you feel pressure at the end of your lower back. May be it’s because of cushions being de-shaped, but for someone with back-pain i won’t recommend this beautiful chair. Armrests have already been compressed within four weeks of use, leaves elbow imprints on cushioning. Only buy this if you like to have occasional light massage and want to have a beautiful chair in your home/office. I`ll be buying another one very soon (not the same of-course).

Delivered promptly and easily put together. Comfortable chair; massage facility a good addition to warm and massage my aching lower back in the evening while i work at my pc. Here are the specifications for the Leather high back reclining office / desk chair:

  • Black luxury bonded faced leather .
  • • 360′ swivel, Twin Armrests, BIFMA safety certificate .
  • • High back for support and comfort, Double padding .
  • • 6 powerful motors to massage back, buttocks and legs, heat mode .
  • • Recline / tilt & lock function, Gas lift height adjustment .

Fantastic chair, very comfortable, massage is very relaxing and the heat has helped with my back pain.

Good value for a comfy chair. Good quality chair for the price. I bought this chair because i do spend quite some time at my desk. Really comfortable and the massage really helps. I put only 4 out of 5 stars because the instructions guide only has black and white photos and it is really hard to see anything. But again it doesnt take a genius to know how to assemble your chair. Right value for the right price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • You’ll struggle to find a better chair for twice the price of this one!
  • Not durable or comfortable, Good light massage & heated seats.
  • Good value for a comfy chair

Great chair – love the massage function.

Only slight snag is the power lead, which is easy to get tangled up with the chair feet. And you need some imagination to assemble it, the instructions are poor.