Topstar Open Art 2010 Swivel Chair : Very Comfortable

Great computer chair for your back but not your bum. Great computer chair for your back but not your bum – the seat appears soft but is soooooo uncomfortable – would have been disappointed if i had paid the rrp. I would definitely recommend it at the discounted price though (i got it for £175) but buy a couple of memory foam pillows to take care of your derriere.

City link delivered this chair, excellent service from them as always. The packaging was first class, every item was individually wrapped and carefully protected to prevent damage during transit. I placed all the chair items on the floor and read the assembly run through. It took me 30 minutes to put the chair together, and i am no diy expert, it was that easy. This chair is german quality at its best, it is made to last, excellent materials. The chair can be adjusted for lumber support, comes with adjustable arm rests and the seat is of the highest quality and comfort. I spend 10-12 hours a day on my computer, i have tried most of the middle to high price chairs found at pc world and the likes of all of which have fallen apart after 12 months or so. This chair reclines back, comes with head rest and is the most comfortable chair i have ever owned by a mile. No its not cheap, however, i see this lasting well beyond the 5 year guarantee, yes it is that good.

Ok so it’s not cheap but have had it several months now and can say this is top quality engineering, a joy to sit on for hours on end and highly customisable. Big plus is floating back so when you move it follows your back (maybe tricky to explain) and wheels which semi-lock when you get off (it’s a heavy beast so otherwise momentum may cause damage at hgih speed) highly recommended. Here are the specifications for the Topstar Open Art 2010 Swivel Chair:

  • Head and backrest with breathable mesh cover
  • Moulded seat with rounded leading edge
  • Syncro-relax-mechanism
  • Height adjustable armrests, with soft arm pads and width adjustable via bolting
  • Black polyamide base

Have had the chair now a couple of months, love it to bits over what i was previously using, if you’re in the market for a new chair, this might just be the one for you.

A high quality product that looks good and is supremely comfortable. I required a little extra padding between the rubber lumbar support and the mesh back to achieve the perfect seating position. I particularly like the tilt action of the backrest and the head support adds an extra degree of comfort. It is a very well designed and engineered chair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Best Office Chair Ever
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great quality chair

Best chair i have ever owned or sat on. Best chair i have ever owned or sat on, self employed web developer, sometimes sitting for 14+ hours when things get swamped, has saved my neck and back.

Easy to assemble with plenty of adjustment with one minor exception: i can’t get the neck/head support quite far enough forward. It is lovely and cool (even in this 32 degree heat as i am writing this).

Topstar Open Art Junior Kids and Youths Swivel Chair : Great homework chair

My most comfortable working chair, as a not very tall adult with a painful back it makes perfect sense for me and it is so well-made and sturdy i feel it will last forever.

Nicely made chair, easy to put together and my son ( aged 8) loves it.

Would have been 5 stars but for a couple of very small points. . I had ordered this chair for when my grandson comes round and plays on the computer as he finds it a bit uncomfortable sitting on a dining chair. It arrived promptly and i immediately set about assembling it. This is where a few points got deducted from its score. The instruction sheet has no written assembly instructions, just a series of diagrams on its reverse side, so you had better be practically minded. The front of the sheet carries cleaning and maintenance instructions and a warning that if you intend to use the chair on say, a laminate floor, that you need to buy different castors to those which come supplied with it (or put a rug under it). I also found that the single bolt, which attaches the backrest to the underside of the chair, needed extensive work with a torque wrench to get it to screw into the threaded hole in the plate – there was no way that this bolt could have been tightened with the hex key alone. Once i had run the bolt through the thread several times with the torque wrench i was able to revert to using just the hex key. When completely assembled this is a really smart looking piece of furniture and should be easy to keep in this condition with an occasional wipe down (baby wipes with lanoline are good for car dashboards etc. So i might just try them if the seat does become grubby). Here are the specifications for the Topstar Open Art Junior Kids and Youths Swivel Chair:

  • Kids and youths swivel chair that grows with your child
  • High backrest with breathable mesh cover and synchronic tensions effect
  • Moulded seat with a black plastic seat shell
  • Special gas spring for children
  • Black polyamide base

Very comfortable office chair. This is an excellent quality chair which is very comfortable. It replaced an ikea chair which was cheap although did the job well for a year and prior to taking ownership of the topstar, we never had any complaints about it. The item arrived packed well with instructions and was very easy to assemble, really cant go wrong. Once constructed, the chair feels very solid and i immediately noticed how heavy it was compared to the ikea chair. After sitting on the topstar for a few minutes it was immediately obvious how comfortable the cushioning was, the lumbar support is also excellent, it really is a chair you can sit comfortably in for prolonged periods. I then moved back over to the ikea chair and it felt. Horrible, just felt all wrong so it really goes to show how you can get used to something and think its fine although after using something of a far better quality, you get the realization that it was never as good as you thought. I also like the colour as most of my previous chairs have been black.

Good quality, nice looking chair. This is a really nice chair for young people. It was easy to put together – the only problem i encountered (totally my fault – not the chair) was that the wheels do not require brute force to push them in – this does not work. It took my partner about two seconds to gently ease them inthe chair is adjustable and can be changed as your child grows. It is a proper ‘office’ chair. There is nothing cheap or nasty about it – it is a quality chair. My oldest daughter absolutely loves it – although i do wish she didn’t think it was a fair ground ride and swing round on it (i haven’t found a lock button to stop this). Overall this is a really high quality item – perfect for settling down at the computer or desk and completing homework. I have the white option – but there are plenty of colours to choose fromwould recommend this chair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great homework chair
  • Top quality at a reasonable price
  • Great quality – better than mine!

This is a very nice chair, it is small and compact and offers very good back support. The chair is a decent size, it will fit a 5 year old, but it will also fit a 13 year old without a problem. It requires the minimum of construction out of the box and is easy to build without the need for special tools or dozens of people helping out. The casters work well on carpet. The height adjustment works well. It looks great, is very stylish and as we use this chair in a normal sized bedroom with a desk i am pleased to say does not take up huge amounts of room. It is strong and sturdy, easy to clean with a quick wipe down and very comfortable to sit in and use, even for fairly long periods of time making it an ideal chair for sitting in at a computer to do homework.

Highly recommended by my two youngest children very strong and sturdy and very comfortable. . Great little chair for my two youngest , they have it in their bedroom to sit and do art work or play at their desk , took sometime to construct though , the big single screw that joins the back rest of the underside of the chair needed a lot of hard work , i was not able to do that part myself my husband had to help but once the back rest was connected to the seat it is very sturdy and strong. Chair is very well made and easy to maintain , after being fully constructed , ideal for children or small adults , chair is easy to use and very comfortable , my children like the chair and use it regular , they will get many many years of use out of it due to height adjuster. Do i recommend this chair , yes i do , its very well made and will last many years.