Designer PU Leather Adjustable Office Computer Chair Swivel Chrome Base : Overall i really do like this chair

I had a pod chair for years as my office chair, this is now *it*. Though the height on it slips every now and then, not the biggest of worries (use the hand lever to raise it back up) at 5′ 5” – about 11 st. I’m not exactly ‘light’ but not as heavy as i used to be either. This is perfect and doesn’t have one of those stupid lumbar supports in the back (being my height they’re usually in the wrong place). This has enough room that if i needed additional back support (and have) i can add a cushion from the couch, plenty of room. It’s very sturdy and a great price.

Deep scratches on the chrome bar near the wheels. But acceptable for the price. And daughter loves it and it looks good.

This chair arrived very swiftly which pleased about, and with our chair, the arms were already attached ( some reviewers said theirs weren’t) and we found the chair easy to assemble. We did have to pull the white sleeves onto the arms were quite snug but stay in place once on there – we had 3 sleeves in the box – not sure why as only 2 arms or maybe it meant as a spare. Nice bright white, my daughter finds it very comfortable. More than happy with our purchase. Here are the specifications for the Designer PU Leather Adjustable Office Computer Chair Swivel Chrome Base:

  • Ergonomic Foam padding
  • 9 Pads back for extra back support.
  • Choose From White, Cream or Black to fit your decorations.
  • 45cm wide excluding arms, 40cm deep.
  • Chair Back 45cm height

Looks nice and it was very easy to put together. Looks nice and it was very easy to put together. Not the most comfortable office chair i have used as for me its a bit short in the leg (i am normal height). But i needed something that was compact and looked nice and this exactly fits the bill.

Love this chair and looks really stylish even though it is a very good price :-).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stylish, Excellent Value, Modern, Comfortable Chair.
  • Sitting in comfort.
  • Perfect, reliable and simple.

It was so hard finding a chair that my wife liked and would ‘allow’ me to purchase. This was the only one, so i bought itthankfully it’s comfortable and was very easy to assemble. Part assembled, so only four bolts required ‘installing’ with the allen key provided.

Stylish, excellent value, modern, comfortable chair. . Excellent value for money and definitely a chair you can sit on for hours on end if you’re the type of person who works for long hours. Easy to put together and very stylish once you have it under or around your desk, it has a very modern look to it. Also it arrived very quicklythe only downside which you could argue as being my fault for not checking, is the seat area is very small in terms of from going from the back to the front, even for a small person like me, so you tend to feel like you’re falling off a bit if you are use to larger office chairs.