Office Desk Chair “Comfort” : Your mileage may vary

Would have taken me just 15 minutes to put together, but one of the the screw sockets in the chair seat was not flush, and was askew, and (sod’s law) this was the last screw i had to do. So, i had to undo all the others and sorted the problematic one first, then redid all the others with a bit of brute force. Took 30 minutes in total – but the chair is working fine and supports my bad back extremely well. I especially like the movable arms.

Other than that and a little difficulty getting the holes to align it went together fairly easily. However after sitting on it f. Upon recieveing the package ( well boxed no issues there) i noticed there was 2 washrs missing or perhaps 2 washers extra i am not sure but according to instructions there are 2 spare. The washers that fix the back of the chair seem to small and they slip between the machining. Other than that and a little difficulty getting the holes to align it went together fairly easily. However after sitting on it for 1 day i heard a crunch when moving ot forwards ( laminate floor) one of the wheels has snapped. Ive sent a request for a replacment wheel. Will update based on the reponse. I only weigh 11 stone and the chair has only been sat on and moved backwards/forwards a few inches as i sit at my pc.

Purchased the chair for £69. 90, arrived the next working day. Instructions were quite clear, step 3 was rather difficult however. I found that on one side of the backpiece the leather had not been properly cut where the screw holes were, meaning getting the screw in was quite difficult. Took out my craft knife and just cut away at the hole and made it the size it should be with a fair amount of ease and that was it. Once the chair was together, it was exceptionally comfortable. The armrests are perfectly placed and can be moved up and down, so even if you have a low desk i’m sure you could easily move the armrests up so they do not interfere. The whole chair is so soft and comfortable, perfect to sit on for hours on end without problems. I use my pc for gaming, so it perfectly complements my rig with a great chair. Here are the specifications for the Office Desk Chair “Comfort”:

  • A handpicked selection of our most popular office chairs:
  • All of our chairs have an ergonomic design, amply padding and additional lumbar support ensure superior comfort even after sitting over a long period of time.
  • 100mm heavy duty gas pressure spring (class 3), swiveling, continously height adjustable, heavy duty 5 star metal base, smooth running – floor-friendly safety castors.
  • Rocking function with hardness grade setting, reclining (tilt and lock) function, durable – tear and wear resistant and easy to clean PU Leather or breathable fabric, according to your choice.
  • Dimensions: FLEX 66 cm x 64,5 cm x 115-123 / DELUXE 67,5 cm x 61 cm x 121 cm / COMFORT 121cm x 61cm x 49cm. Flat packed and very easy to assemble.

Its comfortable and does the job. Leather isnt as durable as you would think for a chair like this so be careful when using it as it can be quite easy to nick the leather.

German engineering at its best. Great value, looks more expensive than it is, very comfortable, easy to assemble and you could pay a lot more for no more comfort. I liked the two-tone finish, just makes an office chair a tad more interesting.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good but problem occur.
  • other than that and a little difficulty getting the holes to align it went together fairly easily. However after sitting on it f
  • Pretty comfy and relaxing but arms went flat after a couple of months

Strong and very comfortable even for big person, it’s also quite light when you need to carry it somewhere.

Very nice chair for price paid. . Comfy, swivels, tilts, the arms fold up so i can slide it under my desk. Warning it is a very bright orange with grey and white panels but i like it. Two people needed to put it together because it needed holding in position whist the second person put in the screws. I always check prices across the web before buying and this was best, even with postage.