Executive Office Chair Padded Leather High Back Office Chair : Easy to assemble, comfy and pleasant to look at

Excellent chair and a very good price.

Good product i will but another. Good product i will but another.

Brilliant budget computer chair. I’ve had this chair for around eight months now and for the price i paid it has been fantastic. I figured i’d finally give it a review now that it’s had ample time to show any signs of major faults. The chair still feels sturdy, is still extremely comfortable all this time later and none of the fake leather material has been worn in the slightest. I’ve even moved it from one house to another and it’s just as great as the day i assembled it originally. This might be because i’m careful with my possessions and mostly sit on it in pyjamas every day for around six to eight hours, so your mileage may vary as with any product like this. The only minor issue i have is the little caps falling out of the sides of the chair on occasion, which can be seen on the arms. I know this could be fixed with glue in two seconds, but i keep forgetting about them. To be fair, for the price i paid i was expecting to need to replace this two months ago, perhaps even earlier. However, it seems like it’s going to far outlive the life expectancy i’d guessed for it when originally buying it. Here are the specifications for the Executive Office Chair Padded Leather High Back Office Chair:

  • BTM brand new barstools.

Well made and very comfortable, easy to assemble.

Easy assembling, very comfortable.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Acceptable for now.
  • Good for gaming!
  • Brilliant Budget Computer Chair!

Sturdy and very comfortable. Strong, sturdy and very comfortable. Excellent seller communication.

I bought this in preference to a gaming chair and it works really well. Very comfortable, right height for gaming and not too bulky. Good packaging and speedy delivery.