Ancheer Desk Chair : sample to write an unbiased review for this product Love this mesh chair

Very sturdy and comfortable.

Fast assembly, comfort mesh seat and back. So far, things are great with the office chair with ergonomic design, swivel, and adjustable armrest and here’s why. I know from work, that quality office chairs can be expensive, but of course you are getting quality for that price. I think the same is true with this mesh executive office chair. Assembly is key of mind for me. I’m never looking for an ikea nightmare, and this chair was actually incredibly easy to get together. Just a basic run down of assembly from bottom to top: wheels into base; hydraulic gas lift into base; then attach the back of the chair to the bottom/seat with 4 long bolts; attach the armrests to either side with 3 bolts and 3 washers, each side; attach completed chair top portion to hydraulic gas lift and it’s done. Here’s what i like most about the comfort of this chair. Both seat and back are mesh allowing them to contour my body, instead of resistance typical hard seat office chairs would have.

Very good, well made and surprisingly comfy in the office. Very good, well made and surprisingly comfy in the office. “i was provided a sample to write an unbiased review for this product”. Here are the specifications for the Ancheer Desk Chair:

  • Ergonomic office chair, Pneumatic seat-height adjustment, The seat height of the chair can be adjusted from 100-110CM / 39-42.9INCH, allowing you to adjust the chair to give you the optimum working height
  • Breathable mesh seat back and seating for superior comfort, designed to provide exceptional back support and to prevent body heat and moisture build up
  • 5pcs 360-degree swiveling castors for easy movement, Super strong metal base show that is is sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble and maintain, super reliable and durable, modern and elegant design
  • We guarantee return the money if the product have any problem in 30 days, and if you have any questions, just contact us, we will give you a satisfied answer

I was provided a sample to write an unbiased review for this product, and i am very happy and very glad that i did because this executive chair is one of the most cosy and comfortable chairs i have ever had the pleasure to sit on, it offers a lot of support on the back. It’s also simple enough to set up, the instructions are easy to follow. It’s perfect and ideal for my personal office, i can spend my hours working at my computer at a greater ease without any pain on my rear or cramp in my back. This is certainly the ideal and best swivel chair you could have for the office, at home and at work. I highly recommend it, 5 stars.

Ok but expected a lot more- not worth the money. Not the worst product i’ve ever seen, but not the best either. Straightforward to assemble, apart from a design issue with the length of one type of screw supplied (i did check i was using the right screw; the fact is that it isn’t long enough for its purpose so i had to substitute one of the screws designed for the arm rests instead). The finish isn’t up to a high standard- perhaps this is the problem with chinese-manufactured goods, certainly furniture anyway. They don’t seem to be able to match the quality of goods manufactured in europe. Although not visible, the finish on the underside of the chrome legs is rough to the touch. I don’t think the seat padding is very substantial either; it doesn’t seem as though it will last a reasonable length of time due to the quality. I have also noticed that the finish on the seat base is poor- the plastic hasn’t been cut well (see photos). The mdf used for the seat base is also cheap- i can forgive them somewhat for this as many companies use mdf for the base.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very comfortable and I would recommend this chair
  • OK but expected a lot more- Not worth the money
  • Nice design, nice quality and ergonomic for correct posture.

Nice design, nice quality and ergonomic for correct posture. . This review is from my college student daughter’s perspective. She likes the design and colours and says it is a very comfortable chair to sit in when doing her course work at the desk, either writing or on her laptop. She says it is how you are suppose to sit in a chair, so it corrects her posture, she also likes how it supports the lumbar area so cuts down on her back ache, when she sits for long periods while studying. It is very easy to put together and went up in less then 20 minutes. The instructions are god and easy to follow. It moves well on carpet and laminate. A nice looking chair that seems well made and can be made as low or has high as you want it to be. I was sent a sample to test out and review. My student daughter is very happy with it.

Ergonomically friendly and relatively easy to setup. I was very excited to get this product, as i have been looking for something much more comfortable to use at my desk. An ergonomically designed chair fit the bill, and i had heard many positives about the benefits of a mesh backed chair. This office chair did not disappoint, as i will highlight in this review. It shipped in a box with all the parts wrapped in plastic, which kept everything protected. The instructions were fairly straightforward, with graphics illustrating each step. It is a bit difficult to interpret the assembly with the screws, as the screws are slightly different sizes for the base and armrests. It took me some extra time to figure this out, but once i had it assembled, it felt very sturdy and solid. I did use a longer allen wrench that i had from another product, as the one provided was shorter and would have taken more time to assemble. The mesh back is incredibly comfortable.